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63755, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Websites does Pixmak Studios create?

We create informational websites for your Business. A few examples would be: "Landscaping Company", "Estate Sale Company", "Personal Business". Typically a Website that does not need daily or weekly updates to the contents.

How long will it take to finish my Website?

The time to finish your site will vary on how much you're available to speak with and provide us with content for your site. If we are given all the information needed up front, your site could take 1 week to build.

What is a Responsive Website?

A Repsonsive Website allows you to have one site that will look great regardless of the device your using to view the site. Your site will automatically adjust and will look great if your viewing it from a computer or a phone.

What all do we need to get started on a Website today?

In order for us to get started on your website we will need to know the following information.
- What is your Business?
- Photos that you would like top inlude on your website.
- Content for your Website.
- If possible, a few exmaple of other Website you like.
- You will need to select a template for your site.

Does we provide Hosting or purchasing the Domain?

We can purchase purchase the Domain for you if you wish or you can make this purchase on your own. We can help with getting hosting setup, however we do not host sites ourselves.

Will I be provided with a Test-link?

Yes, once we have a good start on your Website we will provide you with a testlink to view.

What is the process while my site is being developed?

After we have agreed upon a mock-up design for your site, we will then follow ther steps below:
- We will create a live version of your site.
- You will be provided with a test link.
- We will review the test site together and discuss any changes
- Site will be pushed live.

How much contact will there be during the Website build?

We will be in contact via email or phone atleast once a week.

Do we maintain your website after it has been completed?

After we have finish your Website build, you will receive 5 hours of free updates for the entire year. That means that if you need us to change the wording or any other details on your site, we will make these changes for free as long as the entire time does not exceed 5 hours in the first 12 months. Anything over 5 hours of extra work may require an additional fee, however that will be discussed before hand.

Will I have full control over the my Website code, if I part ways Pixmak Studios?

You will be given access and full rights to all of the code and images that was used in creating your site at no extra charge.

What is the cost to have a Website built?

The cost to build a website can vary depending on a number of variables. The cost will typically vary in the range of $299 to $799. You can contact me with some more details about your future site and I can then give you an exact quote for free.

What is the cost to have my website re-created into a Responsive Design?

The cost to re-create an existing site will vary as well. However due to you already having a logo, color palette and content the price will generally be cheaper then a new build. By having this information up front and available this will save us a substantial amount of time when re-creating your site.

What is the cost to create a Logo?

The cost to create a logo is a flat fee of $60

What is the cost to update my current Logo?

The cost to re-create or revamp your current logo is a flat fee of $30.